More than 16 years of experience

Our History

LB Plan is born from the idea of the two founding partners: Mercedes y Borja Leal. We have formed a great work team for more than 16 years, and in 2013 decided to initiate our own project, which arises from the conviction that a good production job must always be based on three points:

  • Service Excellence
  • Control of the processes and materials
  • Balance between the available resources and the results obtained.

But furthermore we like to always add a little more to every project. The detail which makes our clients feel that we care. The idea that solves a raised challenge. The service which always goes a little further than expected.

There are many clients who have put their trust in us during our professional career. We have co-ordinated national and international projects. For 10 and for 2.500 people. And we face everything with the same illusion, with the same respect and the same dedication.

Years of experience

Projects realized

Satisfied clients


Mercedes Leal Bernáldez

Mercedes Leal Bernáldez

Director of LB plan

I am a professional in the organisation and production of events. I started working in this field over 20 years ago, and can say that I have experience at all levels of responsibility.

I am passionate about my profession, and the way I work is orientated towards the quality and service to the customer. I firmly believe that everything is possible and do not accept a ”NO” for an answer when it comes to organisation… I untiringly seek a solution to every challenge. I conserve my enthusiasm to learn and improve.

My specialities are process planning, the co-ordination of the human resources, the production, the management of the deadlines and the customer loyalty.

Borja Leal Bernáldez

Borja Leal Bernáldez

Director LB plan

I have always been interested by the challenges created from scratch and get totally involved in a project until the completion regardless of size.

The satisfaction of a fulfilled objective is an obsession. I enjoy working in a team and promoting a dynamic atmosphere so that the event is the only protagonist.

I started in this sector 13 years ago, organising and managing events and have not stopped since. This is my vocation, what I most enjoy.