Conference on Grandmothers Raising Grandchildren

Description of the project:
In December 2013, the Seville City Council, via its Local Women’s Service, celebrated the 1st Conference on Grandmothers Raising Grandchildren, in the theatre (Teatro del Hogar) Virgen de los Reyes.
LB Plan was responsible for the coordination of the Technical Secretariat for 150 assistants, to design the corporate image of the event, coordinate the assistance and attention to the Speakers, as well as providing the audiovisual means and work materials for the assistants.

LB Plan Services:

  • Design of the corporate image of the event and informative materials.
  • Technical Secretariat and registrations.
  • Assembly and signposting of the venue.
  • Audiovisual means.
  • Asístanse Staff.
  • Speakers Secretary.
  • Material for assistants.


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