I  Seminar Atlas Intangible Heritage of Andalusia


Project description:

In coordination with the Andalusian Institute of Historical Heritage, we collaborated in the organization of the First Seminar on Intangible Heritage. Event focused on highlighting traditional activities representative of different productive sectors and different Andalusian territories documented in the Atlas of Intangible Heritage of Andalusia. The Seminar was grouped into two thematic sessions: Agrifood and Fishing. Viniculture, artisanal fishing, inland salt flats, livestock, among others, continue to form a living part of Andalusian culture.

Performance LB Plan:

  • Technical Secretariat Coordination of the agendas of all attendees
  • Supports the management of Social Networks and the creative Rapporteurship
  • Realizes the production of a gastronomic sample with more than 30 participating establishments throughout Andalusia
  • Produces all the working materials for attendees.


Agendas personales gestionadas