CES Nacional Meeting (Encuentro Nacional de CES)


Description of the project:
Since their beginning, The Regional Economic and Social Councils (Los Consejos Económicos y Sociales-CES) were considered as public institutions that had a dual function, on one side they act as advisory bodies of the governments of the autonomous communities, in economic and social material, and on the other side, serve as a permanent channel of participation of the economical and social agents, for social dialogue and of meeting area of the respective interests of the civil society to obtain consensus.
With these yearly meetings the object is to exchange experiences, coordinate acts and exploit the synergies to achieve a greater effectiveness in their role. On this occasion, el Consejo Económico y Social de Andalucía, for the second time, as was thus in the year 2002, is the host and responsible of the organisation of this event.
Within this event, a Workshop on “The challenges of the social dialogue” was celebrated in La Casa de la Provincia.
LB Plan took charge of the logistic support of the Agendas of the Presidents and General Secretaries of the Economic and Social Councils that assisted, also the coordination of the (audiovisual means, Signage assembly, auxiliary staff, catering services, material for the assistants).

LB Plan Services:

  • Technical Secretariat.
  • Organisation of the venue, signage and audiovisual means.
  • Catering services.
  • Technical visits.

Personal Agendas organised