ANNUAL CONVENTION – Hyperion Insurance Group


Description of the project:

In October 2015, we organised the   Hyperion Insurance Group’s annual convention.
This event, celebrated between the 10th and the 14th of October, was assisted by 150 of the company’s CEO, from 30 different countries and was a complete success for the participants and the organisers.


LB Plan Services:

  • Pre-conference activities: Golf tournament in the city.
  • Conference agenda during 3 days.
  • Scenography production, preparation of the venues, production materials
  • Logistics of the assistants (transport, catering, logistic necessities)
  • Ample social programme: Welcome cocktail, Photographic gymkhana around the city, Spanish dinner and Gala dinner
  • And post-conference activities:  Participative gastronomic workshop, visit to Seville in horse drawn carts…

countries of origin

CEOs assistants

LB Plan recently helped to plan Hyperion’s annual meeting of the top 150 executives from across our international business. With people coming from 30 different countries, and with constantly changing requirements, we kept Mercedes and Borja very busy but they met each challenge with a suitable solution, and always with a smile! Planning an event from a different country and not speaking the local language could have been a very difficult task, however, with Mercedes’ help, many said it was the best event in our company’s 21 year history. I would not hesitate to recommend the lovely Mercedes to anyone; she is the perfect partner for event planning!

Hayley Langston

PR and Events Manager, Hyperion Insurance Group