ANDALUSIAN PUBLIC FOUNDATION AWARDS (Premios Andalucia Emprende- II Edición)


Description of the project:

In April 2015, “Andalucía Emprende” Awards Ceremony as celebrated in Malaga.
The Andalusian Public Foundation convokes the second edition of the “Andalucía Emprende” awards with the aim of recognising and awarding the innovative companies, from our Autonomic Community. More specifically, this initiative aims to:
Identify, recognise and support the innovative companies with the greatest growth and development potential in Andalucía.
Potentiate and encourage the relationships between projects, institutions and organisms, linked to the company creation and innovation world, on both a provincial and regional basis.

LB Plan Services:

  • Creation of the audiovisual and graphic parts
  • Scenography of the event.
  • Scriptwriting and presentation.
  • Vote control vía Twitter.